Nirmala Sitharaman takes charge as defence minister, spells out focus areas

Sep - 07

Nirmala Sitharaman takes charge as defence minister, spells out focus areas

N EW DELHI: New Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said Thursday that his priority areas would be military preparation, defense indigenization, resolution of pending issues and the welfare of soldiers. Stephen, a full-time 55-year defense minister in India, took over the key ministry in the presence of his predecessor, Arun Jaitley. Indira Gandhi, as prime minister, also kept the portfolio. A priest prayed in the Defense Minister’s chamber before Sitharaman took office. His parents were present at times. “It is important that the Indian armed forces receive all the attention to give them all the necessary equipment and equipment,” said Sitharaman, formerly trade ministers and journalists.

The armed forces insisted on strengthening global capacity in the face of an aggressive attitude on the part of China at the borders and the uninterrupted interim war on the part of Pakistan. It resolved long-standing issues in consultation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Cabinet of the Union, and the implementation of the Make India initiative would also be an issue of interest.
The Defense Minister said it was necessary “a big chunk” of the initiative to do in India in terms of total defense capability and noted that this was very important to the government. “We will make sure that it is fully played for defense production,” he said. Upon reaching the armed forces personnel, Sitharaman said that the soldiers were performing their duties on “the most difficult frontiers” and that it would be their effort to ensure their well-being and their families.

They must remain absolutely certain that their interests will be protected, Sitharaman said. Sherriaman became a member of the Cabinet Critical Security Committee – members include the Prime Minister, the Home Secretary, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Finance. As defense minister, Sitharaman faces several challenges, including strengthening the combat capabilities of the army, navy and air force due to the evolution of the military matrix. regional security and geopolitical dynamics. In addition, military modernization programs have been delayed due to administrative barriers, among other reasons. with a focus on national defense production and Sitharaman will also need to implement a number of important ticket reform initiatives, including the implementation of the ambitious “strategic partnership” model with several countries such as the United States and Russia.

According to the new model, some private Indian companies will be invited to build military platforms such as submarines and fighter jets in India in association with the largest defense multinationals. The Finnish Minister, Jaitley, occupied the Ministry of Defense after Manohar Parrikar left to become Goa Mars’ chief minister. As defense minister, Jaitley went to Japan on Sunday, the day Modi undertook the reorganization of his cabinet, to represent India in a bilateral defense dialogue. Jaitley said he was going to Japan because there were logistical problems for Sitharaman to go to Japan. Officials said Sitharaman would take over the ministry after Jaitley returned from Japan.

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