Rahul Gandhi Meets Bihar Lawmakers Amid Fears Of Split In State

Sep - 07

Rahul Gandhi Meets Bihar Lawmakers Amid Fears Of Split In State

New Delhi: Amid fears of a rebellion in its Bihar unit, vice-president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi met state party lawmakers on Wednesday and discussed the political situation resulting from the collapse of the grand alliance. Sources said that party lawmakers have frankly issued them after the leader of JD (T) joining the hands of the BJP, who left Congress and RJD out of power. The Congress has 27 deputies in the Bihar assembly, which has 243 members. The general secretary of Bihar’s secretary general, CP Joshi, said the deputies discussed the changed political situation in the state and expressed their views on the future actions of the party.

Sources said Gandhi had invited congressional congressional deputies to avoid a split in the party, which he felt uncomfortable after losing power in the state. More than half of the 27 congressmen in Bihar attended Wednesday’s meeting. Those who stood out for their absence included CLS party leader Sadanand Singh, who was far from citing personal reasons. “I would meet Rahul Gandhi tomorrow,” he told PTI. It is planned to meet with the Vice President of Congress at another meeting today. “I did not go to Delhi for personal reasons,” said Sadanand Singh, deputy of the ninth Kahalgaon legislature in the Bhagalpur district.

Mr Singh, however, said he had already met AICC President Sonia Gandhi and informed him of the political situation in Bihar and the views of lawmakers after the disintegration of the Great Alliance of the JD (T) , the RJD and the Congress. Sources say Gandhi had asked senior congressional lawmakers in Delhi in a damage-control exercise to prevent a large portion of parliamentarians from leaving the party. Reports from Bihar suggest that a significant number of 27 members of Congress in the Bihar Assembly gravitate towards the JD Nitish Kumar (T) after the disintegration of the Great Alliance last month.

The leaders of the Congress were sweet in criticizing Nitish Kumar after the dissolution of the alliance. The Nitish Kumar government recently issued an eviction order to Tejaswi Prasad Yadav, Tej Pratap Yadav his brother and other ministers in the first government of the RJD quota, but the bungalow of former Congress Ministers Ashok Kumar Choudhary and Awdesh Singh are remained intact despite the change of custody. The Chief Minister left eight vacancies in his cabinet, many of which read as a prize for the desert of Congress.

But JD (U) spokesman Neeraj Kumar said his party was never interested in dividing the other parties. “It is their internal meeting with Gandhi, but it is obvious that the congressmen are dissatisfied with the leadership of Lalu Prasad,” he said.

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