Part Of Rs. 389-Crore Bihar Dam Crashes Hours Before Launch by Nitish Kumar

Oct - 02

Part Of Rs. 389-Crore Bihar Dam Crashes Hours Before Launch by Nitish Kumar

PATN: Hours before its big launch by Nitish Kumar, part of a Rs. The 389 crore dam in Bihar crashed during a test and left parts of a city flooded with Bhagalpur. The Chief Minister was forced to cancel today’s inauguration of the Ganga Canal project, which was completed after 40 years.

Last night, Kumar’s office quoted “technical reasons” to abandon the launch of the Bateshwarsthan Ganges Pump Channel project, which was created to irrigate the land in neighboring Bihar and Jharkhand. Announcements in the newspapers announced that Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Rajiv Ranjan Singh Lallan, would also be present at the event.

The canal wall collapsed when water from the Ganga River crashed after the bomb was turned on for a test. The water emerged in the town of Kahalgaon and in the flooded areas that are part of a thermal energy project. Arun Kumar Singh, chief secretary of the water department, and Bhagalpur’s top officials oversee efforts to remove water from submerged areas about two miles from the canal.

“Sandbags are placed to control the flow of water,” Singh told reporters. Experts blame the collapse of the negligence of officials. A joint project of Bihar and Jharkhand, the project aims to irrigate 18,620 hectares of land in Bhagalpur and over 4,000 hectares in Jharkhand, a government leaflet on the project said. The Planning Commission initially approved the project in 1977 at an estimated cost of Rs.14 crore.

In a series of tweets, former deputy of Kumar and son of Lalu Yadav Tejashwi Yadav said: “Another dam was sacrificed to corruption … The water department is a corruption … wonder why the boss Minister is silent about this? “Mr. Yadav did not take a name, but seemed to pay tribute to Mr. Lallan, Minister of Water Resources.

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