Unemployment The Reason Why PM Modi, Donald Trump Were Voted To Power: Rahul Gandhi

Oct - 09

Unemployment The Reason Why PM Modi, Donald Trump Were Voted To Power: Rahul Gandhi

Leaders like Narendra Modi and Donald Trump are elected worldwide because people suffer from unemployment, Congressional Vice President Rahul Gandhi said today, but stressed that even the prime minister was not doing enough to solve the key problem of the problem facing India.

Mr. Gandhi, 47, who is in the United States on a two-week tour during his interaction with students at prestigious Princeton University, admitted that the BJP led by Narendra Modi came to power in India because people were angry with the congress party on the subject of unemployment.

Employment is a generic means to empower, emancipate, and engage the Indians in the process of nation-building, he said. “I think the main reason why Mr. Modi appeared and how far Trump came was the question of jobs in India and the US There is simply no work and no future.

And then they feel pain. And they supported these kinds of leaders, “Gandhi told the students, who said the other problem is that no one acknowledged that unemployment was a problem.I do not know (Donald) Trump.I’m not going to go there.But certainly our First Minister is not doing enough (in job creation), “said Gandhi, who repeatedly raised the issue of unemployment in his meetings with experts, companies and members of Congress in the United States.

“Today there are not enough jobs, 30,000 new young people join the labor market every day and yet the government creates only 500 jobs a day, and that does not include the mass of young people who are already unemployed,” he said. Mr. Gandhi in his previous speech at the University of California at Berkeley. At Princeton, Mr. Gandhi said that India had to compete with China, and for that the people of the country needed jobs.

“The same people who got angry because we could not meet those 30,000 jobs (one day) will be angry with Mr. Modi.” The key question is to solve this problem. “My main question with Mr. Modi is that” he is rejecting this problem and pointing his finger at something else, instead of saying, listen, we have a problem, “he said. There is anger in India right now, we can feel it. Therefore, the challenge is how to solve this employment growth problem in a democratic environment. That is the challenge, “he said.

“Then we must first accept it as a problem, then we have to unite and try to solve it.” At the moment, no one accepts it as a problem. “In raising an important part of his Princeton question-and-answer session on jobs, Gandhi said that new technologies and modernization are not likely to kill jobs.” The nature of what we call blue collar work is going to change, but the question is who will have these jobs and which countries will have access to these jobs, “he said.

Mr. Gandhi also raised the issue of “polarization in India”. He said that polarization policy was a major challenge in India and in some sectors of society, including minority communities and tribes, which they do not believe are part of the BJP’s dominant vision. In the 21st century, if you leave people out of your vision, you are asking for problems. New ideas would come, different new visions would develop.

So for me, the central challenge in India is a policy of polarization that puts a community together and creates spaces for other people to enter, “said Gandhi. 100 million tribal people who do not feel comfortable with “There are a number of states in India that do not want a single vision to inflict their throats. There are minority communities, they do not think they are part of the vision, that’s where the real danger is,” said Gandhi in response to a question. The strength of India has always been its ability to embrace people, he said.

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